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Negative Space: The Secret to Positive Relationships!

negative space newsletter relationships Jun 13, 2023

Picture this: You're in an art gallery, looking at a stunning piece of art. You're captivated by the main subject, but there's something else that's adding to the magic. It's the space around the main subject, that empty area that's bringing the whole piece together. In the art world, we call this the 'negative space.' It's all about those seemingly empty areas that help define and elevate the main subject or the 'positive space.' Now, here's a thought - this idea isn't just confined to visual arts, we can apply it to our personal relationships too. Here are five ways 'negative space' can bring more positivity to our relationships. 

Balance and Harmony: 

Think about a painting again. The negative space brings balance, right? It gives the main subject room to 'breathe.' Now, let's apply this to our personal relationships. Giving each other a bit of 'negative space,' or personal boundaries, can bring in a healthier dynamic. Everyone gets the space to be themselves, chase their interests, and hold onto their individuality. What do we get in return? A balanced, harmonious relationship. 

Active Listening: 

When we look at a piece of art, the negative space draws our attention to the main subject. In the same way, in a conversation, when we listen actively, we create a 'negative space' for the other person's thoughts, feelings, and experiences. They feel heard, acknowledged. It's all about fostering open communication and empathy. 

Respecting Differences: 

Just as the negative space in art enhances the positive space, the idea of 'negative space' in relationships involves celebrating differences. We're all unique, aren't we? By acknowledging and respecting these differences, we're creating an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. 

Non-Verbal Cues: 

In art, negative space can help convey emotion. Similarly, in relationships, being tuned in to non-verbal cues - things like body language, facial expressions - can tell us a lot about the other person's feelings and needs. It helps us understand the unspoken aspects of our interactions and build a deeper connection. 

Reflection and Appreciation: 

In art, negative space often encourages reflection. Now, imagine bringing this concept into our relationships. Taking out time for solitude and reflection lets us appreciate the positive aspects of our relationships and the people involved. It's a chance for self-awareness, introspection, and gratitude - the stuff that really strengthens our bonds with people. 


With this intriguing crossover between art and personal relationships, we've seen how an unassuming idea - negative space - can really shake things up. Think about it, that empty space in a painting isn't just there to fill up the canvas, right? It's all about bringing the focus to the main subject, creating that harmony. The same goes for our relationships - we've got balance, active listening, mutual respect, non-verbal cues, and those precious moments of reflection and appreciation.

All these elements, even though they might seem quiet or empty at first, can add some serious depth and quality to our relationships. I hope you'll take these thoughts with you and start seeing that 'negative space' in your relationships not as a void, but as a chance for growth, understanding, and some really beautiful moments. Because, at the end of the day, just like art, it's often in the 'negative space' that the true beauty of a relationship really shines through. 


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