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“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive!”
—Howard Thurman

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Heath Hunsaker

With a background in consulting and project management, Heath is familiar with guiding and equipping individuals and teams to new levels of high performance. His certification from the High Performance Institute ensures that he’s got the knowledge and skills to walk alongside you as you opt in to your best life.

He can teach you how to create more energy, courage and influence. Heath will walk with you as you get clear about who you are and where you are going. He can show you how to become a High Performer.

"I've been working with Coach Heath for 6 months and he's been a great value add.  He helps me look at things from a different perspective, challenges me to grow and keeps me accountable - which is vital for me as a Real Estate Agent. He offers several programs so you can choose what kind of coaching is best for you."

- Jeci

"After attending a High Performance Habits presentation Heath delivered, I was immediately interested and became a client.  Heath's coaching approach was invaluable to helping me understand the importance of the key habits. I look forward to continuing to hone my focus and skills around these habits."

- Dale

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FREE High Performance Check Up

Let's talk about what is working and what could use an adjustment.

1:1 Coaching

Enroll in a personalized 12-week coaching program tailored to your specific challenges and goals.

Group Coaching

Learn alongside other members in a 12-week coaching program designed for small groups.

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