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The Powerful Connection Between Emotional Intelligence and High Performance

emotional intelligence high performance Apr 11, 2023
Picture of a brain plus a heart equals EQ

As a High Performance coach, I am always looking at what sets high performers apart. What makes them tick and what can we learn from them? There seems to be something that most high performers have and are consistently working on. Something that when practiced increases not only performance, but happiness, and fulfillment. That secret…Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

I have found there to be a fascinating relationship between emotional intelligence (EQ) and high performance in both work and life. You know, there's something magical about people who just "get it" when it comes to reading others and handling their own emotions. They seem to glide through life with ease and achieve incredible success. So, what is emotional intelligence and how can we improve ours? Great question - let’s unpack it and find out!

First off, what is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? In a nutshell, it's our ability to recognize, understand, and manage our emotions, as well as the emotions of others. It's all about empathy, communication, and self-awareness. Think of it as the secret sauce that can transform ordinary folks into extraordinary achievers.

So, what's the connection between EQ and high performance? Well, it turns out that people with high EQ tend to be better at navigating the complex world of human relationships. They're more in tune with what's going on around them, which makes them better decision-makers, communicators, and collaborators. As a result, they excel in various aspects of their work and personal lives. Here are a few examples:

  1. Teamwork: High EQ individuals are a dream to work with! They know how to motivate and inspire their teammates, resolve conflicts gracefully, and foster a positive work environment. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and an overall better performance for the entire team.
  2. Leadership: You know those inspiring leaders who seem to have the Midas touch? Chances are, they've got a high EQ. They're able to understand their employees' needs, connect with them on a deeper level, and bring out the best in everyone. Talk about a winning combination!
  3. Adaptability: Life is full of curveballs, and those with high EQ are better equipped to handle them. They're more resilient, flexible, and open to change, which means they can bounce back from setbacks and excel even in the face of adversity.
  4. Networking: When it comes to building relationships and expanding your circle, emotional intelligence is your best friend. High EQ individuals can read social cues like a book, which helps them connect with others and create strong, lasting bonds. As you might imagine, this comes in super handy in the business world.

Now that we know how EQ contributes to high performance, you might be wondering, "How can I improve my own emotional intelligence?" Well, I'm glad you asked! Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Practice mindfulness: By becoming more aware of your thoughts and emotions, you'll be better equipped to manage them. Try meditation or yoga to help you get in touch with your inner self.
  2. Develop empathy: Put yourself in other people's shoes and try to understand their feelings and perspectives. This will not only improve your relationships but also make you a more compassionate and thoughtful person.
  3. Improve your communication skills: Listen actively, express yourself clearly, and give others the space to share their thoughts and emotions. Remember, communication is a two-way street!
  4. Reflect on your emotions: When you're feeling particularly emotional, take a step back and try to understand why you're feeling that way. This will help you gain insight into your emotional triggers and develop better coping strategies.

By nurturing your emotional intelligence, you can unlock your full potential and achieve greater success in both your work and personal life. Trust me, it's an investment that will pay off in spades.


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